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Suboxone (buprenorphine/naloxone) is a prescription medication approved by the FDA to treat opiod dependence. Combined with relapse prevention programs such as substance abuse counseling, intensive outpatient programs, group therapy, and/or 12-step recovery programs, Suboxone treamtne can help restore balance and functioning to those addicted to opiates.

If you would like to set up an appointment to be assessed for Suboxone treatment, please complete and return the "New Patient Instructions" linked below. After you have submitted the forms, you will be contacted for a telephone screening before scheduling your appointment. Your initial appointment will be used to assess if Suboxone or another treatment method would be best for you. The initial evaluation does not guarantee Suboxone. Other treatment alternatives may be considered.

Please note: Dr. Wozniak is currently the only Suboxone prescriber at this facility. No medication is kept at this facility.

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Download Checklist Form

New Patient Instructions

This contains information and required forms for new patients who wish to have an evaluation for Suboxone treatment. This must be completed by the patient and received by our office in order to schedule your appointment. Also includes a copy of the driving directions, Policies and Procedures, and Notice of Privacy Practices.

If you wish to seek treament at River City Psychiatry for an other reason, please refer to the forms here.

Download Authorization for Disclosure Form

Authorization for Disclosure of Protected Health Information

For Suboxone treatment, we require information to be shared between Dr. Wozniak and  your primary care physician, substance abuse counselor, and primary support person (spouse, family member, close friend, etc.) You may print and fill this out now. If not, it can be done at your initial appointment. If so, make sure to fill in their name/contact info on #3 of this document and bring it to your first appointment. If other providers have information that you feel would be important for us to have, please have them fax such records to (502) 425-6629 (examples included recent lab results, hospitalization records, psychological testing results, therapy notes, previous treatment records, etc.) prior to your appointment.

Physical Exam Request Form

Physical Exam Request Form

Dr. Wozniak requires that all patients on Suboxone be established with a primary care physician and have a physical examination and certain lab work completed within 1 month of the initial visit. This can be done before or after your initial visit. If done before your initial visit, this form is what you would need to take to your primary care physican to complete. Your primary care physician can fax this form and any lab work to (502) 425-6629.

Additional Resources

Suboxone Information

Manufacturer Information including Here to Help program which may help with coaching, questions, suggestions, and information.

SAMHSA includes information about buprenorphine treatment from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration


Community Resources

NAMI Louisville

Alcoholics Anonymous  (502) 582-1849

Louisville Area Narcotic Anonymous  (502) 499-4423 (24 hour)

Jefferson Alcohol and Drug Abuse Center (502) 583-3951

The Morton Center for Chemical Dependency (502) 451-1221


Individual Therapists

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